One and the Same: Hemp and Marijuana


Are hemp and marijuana the same – or are they different? It turns out, it’s a little bit of both.

Have you ever known someone who gets a bad rep because he had a brother who got arrested? You know, his brother had drugs, but he told the cops they weren’t his, so both siblings went down even though only one of them was at fault? Well, that setup is kind of like what happened with hemp and marijuana. Marijuana got treated as a drug and banned from common use, but hemp went along for the ride and did time right alongside marijuana.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? Hemp and marijuana aren’t just siblings, they’re the same plant. The difference is in what parts of the plant are used, and what it is bred for.

Hemp plants (which are grown for industrial uses like making cloth, rope, food, etc.) are bred for their seeds and stalks. When you’re growing hemp the resulting strain of cannabis tends to have little, if any, potency as a drug because you’re concerned with parts of the plant that aren’t smoked. Marijuana strains, on the other hand, are bred specifically for the potency of their buds (hence the slang term bud when referring to marijuana).

That’s the big difference. There are a lot of legal differences and scientific definitions, but hemp and marijuana are just different parts of the same plant which are used for different things. Because they’re essentially a Jekyll and Hyde situation (they’re seen as two different things by many people, but in reality they are kind of inseparable), the plants are often treated like they’re one and the same. And while they are, their uses aren’t.

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