How Accurate Are Home Drug Tests?


If you have to pass a drug test for work, you may be interested in buying a home drug test to ensure that you’ll pass.  But how accurate are home drug tests?

Attitudes and laws regarding cannabis are evolving rapidly, and as a result, many people are beginning to question the accuracy of home drug tests. There are two different types of testing that are currently available; home drug testing kits that you can buy at a local drug store and third- party testing that is used by employers. This has led many to wonder, just how accurate are home drug tests compared to the tests administered by employers? If I pass a home drug test, does that guarantee that I’ll pass a test administered by a third-party?

Unfortunately, home drug tests are not always accurate. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, home drug tests can be influenced by certain medications, drinks, and foods. They emphasize that tests conducted in a laboratory are the most effective way of determining whether a person is using drugs. However, according to Daniel Shortt, an advocate for cannabis rights, the labs that conduct these tests can be terribly inept, and they receive no government monitoring. This means that employees can conceivably be subject to termination even if they’ve never touched marijuana.

Although some states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, employers are still allowed to perform third-party drug tests and make employment decisions accordingly, even if they are productive employees.

Additionally, there is an important privacy issue involved. Should employers really have the right to monitor what their employees do on their own time? Employers should look solely at the productivity of their employees, not the substances that they put into their bodies, which harm no one else.

There is often a grey area in states that have legalized recreational and medical marijuana.  Employers can still choose to have zero-tolerance drug policies, even if they conflict with local law.  Any company contracted by the federal government may still be subject to federal guidelines regarding marijuana. The law is sometimes a step behind public sensibilities, but together we can work to change policy.


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