How Cannabis Helped One Woman Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Impostor syndrome is something that affects a huge number of people, but successful women are particularly prone to the condition.

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The condition, in short, is the irrational belief that you will be exposed as a fraud, and that you haven’t actually deserved any of the success you’ve earned throughout your life and career. The key word here is irrational, because people suffering from impostor syndrome tend to be highly educated, driven, and very successful. In reality, they’ve worked extremely hard for their success, but anxiety eats away at them as they ascribe their success to good luck more than to their personal skill, talent or dedication.

This condition hit Jane West like a truck. Fortunately, thanks to legal marijuana, she was able to overcome it.

Positive Effects of Marijuana: Fighting Impostor Syndrome

Jane West began life as another woman. She was a middle manager in corporate America, as well as a mother in Colorado. She didn’t suffer any doubt about her skills, position, or success in her daily life, and she counted herself lucky for avoiding the psychological discomfort so many other women in her position suffered from. But then she had an idea. She would put together huge parties for marijuana. Dignified, but still fun, affairs that would showcase how normal cannabis was as a legal substance, and bring it into the spotlight. As a corporate planner, this should have been the easiest thing in the world.

It should have been, but impostor syndrome stood in her way like a massive, mental brick wall.

She had no experience planning marijuana-themed events. There were no milestone markers for success in an endeavor like that. Being faced with a blank slate, where she could do anything, terrified her. Her ideas, which had seemed so lush and full when she had a joint in her hand, withered. So she did the only thing she could think of; light back up, and get to work.

The Creation of Jane West

Smoking marijuana relaxed her brain, and allowed her to focus on what she was creating, instead of how “unqualified” she was to put together an event like she was imagining. In time, she created the identity of Jane West, remaking herself into the sort of woman who was quite qualified to do exactly what she was planning on. While it might sound like a corporate thought exercise, the result was that Jane West strode onto the legal cannabis scene, and has been knocking down every challenge that’s come her way.


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