How Did Strains Get Such Wacky Names?


To the unfamiliar, marijuana strain names can require a double take. Someone offers a little of what they’re having, and all you can think is, How did strains get such wacky names?”

Countless strains of marijuana are gifted with funny, and often bizarre names. So how did the strains get such wacky names, and how do they wind up with them in the first place?

Here are some of our favorite wacky strains and a little history behind them.

Purple Urkle – A California strain with a background torn between Granddaddy Purple or Mendocino Purps that gets its name from the beloved Family Matters character, Steve Urkel (and yes, note the different spellings). Toted for its potent medical benefits, Purple Urkle seems to carry the same lovable and desirable characteristics as its namesake.

Girl Scout Cookies – GSC lands a spot on the list for its clever name. A hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison, both the bud and the tasty cookie and a box will leave you happy, satisfied, and willing to chill out on the couch for a few. Just remember to share!

Purple Sticky Punch – With a name that dank, it must be good. Presenting a cross between Chemdog and Purple Afghani, the Punch gets its name from its wild fruity flavors and incredibly tasty mouth feel.

Steve McGarrett’s Hair – “Steve McWho” you might be asking? For the uninitiated, Steve McGarrett is the swoon-worthy detective from the 70s hit Hawaii Five-O. And this strain, a blend of Haze and Super Skunk, presents a finish as smooth and desirable as the fine detectives ‘do.

Fire Alien Strawberry – Besides sounding like a tasty dessert item, Fire Alien Strawberry is also a fine blend of Strawberry Cough and Fire Alien Kush – we can only imagine what fine visions of redheaded aliens this blend might inspire, or what delicious strawberry treats you might be inspired to create with it.

So next time you’re packing a bowl of Schnazzleberry or Martian Mean Green, just remember, the weird strain names simply add to the fun!

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