How to Keep Your Weed Fresh. The Basics of Storing and Keeping your Bud.


You’re probably wondering, “How do I keep my weed fresh?”  It’s an essential question that any new marijuana enthusiast has, and the answers may not be so obvious. Improperly stored weed can begin to taste and smell funky. It’ll lose potency over time as well, and if stored poorly enough, it can even start to mold. Kept properly, however, weed stores for a long time, and proper storage isn’t hard to come by. So, here are some tips for keeping your weed fresh:

Keep it Cool

Marijuana stores best in a dry, cool environment. Keep it somewhere where the temperature won’t get much above 70 degrees. Higher than that and you run the risk of your bud molding or the heat drying out some of the cannabinoids responsible for the high. Some people even store their bud in their freezer, although if you do this, make sure to let the weed come up to room temperature before you smoke it, because otherwise the trichomes can become brittle and break off.

Humidity is No Bueno

If there is one enemy to properly stored bud, it’s humidity. Humidity will kill your weed faster than any other factor. Too dry, and your weed will start to dry up, which can lead to harsh smoking. Too wet, and the chemicals in your weed can start to denature, and in the worst cases, it can even start to mold. Most weed connoisseurs don’t have a humidity monitor handy, but a moisture-proof container such as well-sealed ziplock bags, glass jars with rubber seals, or even a vacuum sealer are ideal for storing weed long-term so it stays fresh.

Seal it Up

One more consideration for weed is not so much how it’s stored as what it’s stored with. I knew a girl in college that stored all her weed in the same drawer as her makeup. As a result, all of her bud smelled and tasted like perfume when smoked. Needless to say, no one wanted to share with her. The same thing can happen to your weed if you store it with other volatile compounds. Keep your weed away from paint, perfume, makeup, or anything else that may produce an odor or flavor, because that can leach into your weed, and no one wants that.

Tricks for Flavor

This quality can also be an asset. I know quite a few people who store their weed in the fridge or even the freezer for a few weeks along with a slice of their favorite fruit. The weed will start to take on the flavor of the fruit, which is then imparted when the weed is smoked. I’ve used this quite a few times to extend the life of weed that is past its prime and no longer tastes good all by itself. Using these tips, you too can have tasty weed that lasts for weeks and smokes good, too. Keep them in mind and you’ll be able to get buzzed for many weeks to come.

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