How Do Vaporizers Work?


Portable vaporizers are a tool that most sophisticated marijuana consumers wouldn’t be caught dead without. A smokeless system that heats up your herb of choice, vaporizers don’t burn the material you put inside them. Instead they boil the essential oils, and then deliver the vapor to the smoker in a clean, vapor form. While a simple-to-use device that eliminates the tell-tale scent of smoking without reducing the experience sounds great, there are still a lot of people asking just how vaporizers can do that.

Well, here’s the answer. . .

Modern vaporizers work using convection. Convection means that air is heated in one part of the vaporizer, and then that hot air is blown over the material (conduction, by contrast, means you pack the herb into a bowl, and that bowl is heated without burning. It’s a significantly less effective method). Using convection heating, a vaporizer delivers an even heat to all parts of the herb. This heat boils the essential oils, and turns them into vapor. When you place your mouth on the vaporizer and inhale, you are drawing that vapor out of the main chamber, and into your lungs.

Clean, Simple, Efficient

Vaporizers have been adopted for their simplicity, and because they allow smokers to get the same, great experience with their herbs of choice without the burning sensation of smoke, or the bad smells associated with actual combustion. While they may take some getting used to as far as sensation and preparation go, now you know exactly what’s going on when you decide to not light up.

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