Does Marijuana Make you Healthier?


Are you wondering how marijuana affects your health? We all know that there are many wonderful feelings and effects that marijuana causes, but arguably the least appealing is the feeling of having the munchies. It’s no secret marijuana can quickly increase your appetite for not so waste-friendly foods. So, many would assume that  people who get high on a regular basis tend to be in worse shape than those who don’t. Interestingly enough, this is NOT the case.

The continuous increased appetite certainly has to have a lasting affect on the waistline right? Wrong. A group of researchers from the University of Nebraska, Harvard School of Public Health, and Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center analyzed data from over 4,500 adults nationwide. They found that although pot smokers consistently consume a much larger amount of daily calories than non-smokers, obesity in the pot community is less prevalent. The results were further modified to reduce unfair influences that might invalidate the results, such as age, sex, and daily physical activity. Still, the results were clear. Pot smokers significantly had smaller waistlines than non-smokers.

Weight management wasn’t the only benefit discovered.

Greenito Find information about  Weed vs Alcohol CaloriesThe same study found current marijuana users also had better cholesterol and significantly lower insulin levels. It was found that consumers’ insulin resistance was reduced by a whopping 17% when compared with those who did not consume pot. Occasional smokers who had not used in the past month had similar results to a lesser degree.

Why is this a good thing? Insulin is released in the bloodstream from the pancreas prior to a meal and helps muscle, fat, and liver cells absorb sugar. This is important for lowering blood sugar levels and is key to living a longer life.

Studies show evidence that marijuana may be extremely useful in helping people manage their blood sugar. Unfortunately federal restrictions haven’t allowed for the proper studies, but with the trend towards decriminalization there is a growing amount of research. There is a strong possibility marijuana may one day be seen as a treatment for obesity and high blood sugar. Imagine that!?

So is it just us or does it seem like now’s the time to head to a dispensary???

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