Understanding How Long THC Remains Detectable


While more and more people are starting to understand the physical and mental benefits of marijuana, many employers are still willing to deny employment or fire employees based on marijuana use.

That’s why it’s important to understand how long THC is detectable in blood. It’s actually a lot more complex and variable than you may have thought.

Once you’ve consumed cannabis, THC will enter your bloodstream and pass through your body, spreading its positive benefits. However, it won’t stay in your blood stream long: it actually becomes undetectable by blood tests after no more than four to eight hours. In urine tests, it will be detectable for an even shorter time.

By then, your body will have metabolized the THC into what’s known as molecules known as metabolites, among them 9-carboxy-THC. If you don’t know about this chemical, you desperately need to: it is exactly what many newer drug tests detect and will be present in your body longer than a few hours.

How much longer? Well that depends on you and your body. Everyone is different, but usually around 20+ hours, but the exact number differs depending on multiple variables. These variables include:

  • Amount of Pot Used
  • Metabolic Rate of the User
  • THC Concentration
  • Frequency of Use

One myth that is important to bust is the idea that THC leaves frequent smokers bodies more quickly because they are “used to it.” It’s the exact opposite: frequent users can often have detectable 9-carboxy-THC concentrations in their blood for up to three weeks and in their urine for almost a month. Infrequent users will pass it in about a week.

So the key is if you’re going to consume cannabis, be responsible and always ensure you understand your employer’s drug testing policy.

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