How Marijuana Affects Stress


Chronic stress is a killer. It can cause devastating health conditions to worsen and create serious mental health issues. This is something we all know, or at least is known by those who are seeking help in their efforts to cope with excess stress.

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Stress can manifest itself in many ways: Physically, emotionally, and in our behavior. Physically, it can disrupt sleep, cause muscle aches, headaches, and fatigue. Those with pre-existing conditions often see an increase in symptomatic disruptions in their daily lives. Emotionally and behaviorally, stress elevates nervousness, anxiety, changes in eating habits, loss of enthusiasm and energy, and mood changes, which can lead to depression, as well as irritability. Panic attacks are usually set off by stress as well.

In too many instances, stress causes people to engage in unhealthy behavior, such as drinking too much alcohol, cigarette smoking, making bad nutritional decisions, and not exercising enough. This can lead to more health-related problems and vicious cycles caused by self-treatment of stress and related symptoms.

The most immediate issue is how to deal with stress, or how to cope with it. Many mental health professionals are fond of teaching you to use positive statements to reinforce your sense of well-being. Yes, those are important but rely on your mental ability to believe those statements in what are less than ideal circumstances. And if your mind is tap dancing on you, something more viable and helpful would be beneficial.

Medical marijuana is relatively new in our country, but, fortunately, there is sufficient research that indicates marijuana can have a positive effect on those that suffer from chronic stress. 23 states have approved of the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and more states are in the process of evaluating its use for that reason.

Marijuana calms your senses and allows you to get significant relief from stress-related symptoms. For many, the almost instant relief is welcome on a daily basis and they are thankful that it is available legally because of the foresight that their respective state governments have shown. Thanks in part to the mix of marijuana and meditation, many users are finding stress levels decrease.

Much like some have a glass of wine to take the stress off the end of the day, marijuana users may take a bite of an edible or a hit of a bowl and feel the same relaxing effects.  Weed has been shown to help with depression and pain among other things, many of which can be distracting as you’re trying to relax.


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