How to Be A Responsible Parent Who Enjoys Marijuana


Weed and parenting don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  With a few tips, you can be a responsible parent who consumes cannabis.

Legal marijuana may be benefiting children in Colorado, where some $17 million dollars in tax revenue has been raised for state schools, but there’s no denying the country is keeping a close eye on how underage persons interact with marijuana now that it has been legalized in a few states.

A crucial part of convincing the nation that legalization is the best move for the United States is, well — good parenting. Guardians who enjoy pot must learn how to be a responsible parent with regards to their newly legal hobby. Here are some friendly reminders for parents and child caretakers who enjoy marijuana recreationally.

Keep Your Marijuana and Supplies Locked Away

Just as you strive to keep dangerous chemicals or prescription medication out of the reach of children, it is imperative that you keep your marijuana put away and out of sight.

Pay Special Attention to Edibles

If your child finds some bud, they’re much less likely to accidentally ingest it than they would be if they find edibles. Because edibles frequently come in the form of candies, cookies, and other treats, children may not recognize them as anything other than snack food.

If you choose to have edibles in your house, keep them put away and out of sight. If you have older children and are open about your hobby, talk with them and make sure they know those aren’t regular cookies, brownies, lollipops, or whatever form your edibles take.

Don’t Smoke in Front of Young Children

This might seem obvious, but exposing young children to your drug use is almost never healthy. It’s easy to pour yourself a drink and call it “grown up juice”, but it’s less easy to explain what you’re doing with those funny-smelling plants, which brings us to our next point…

It’s Still Taboo

Even in places where marijuana is fully legal to possess and consume, there are certain social stigmas that surround the drug. After all, marijuana has largely been the poster-child for the War on Drugs since its inception.

Young children have the tendency to speak thoughtlessly, and they may end up spilling the beans about your marijuana use to their teachers or caretakers. Remember: what you are doing is perfectly legal, but many assume that parents who use marijuana are unfit to raise a child.

If your child knows you use marijuana (sometimes kids just figure things out), talk with them about when and where it’s appropriate to bring up.

Enjoy marijuana responsibly, and find the best deals here.


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