How to Become a Budtender


Making money in the new “green rush” is a consideration for a number of people who have been interested in cannabis privately for years. It’s definitely possible for the casual person to get an introduction into the world of legal recreational or medicinal cannabis sales and one of the best routes is to become what is called a “budtender.”

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Budtenders are the sales associates that assist you in the process of selecting and purchasing cannabis from a dispensary. So now you might be wondering how to become a budtender. It’s thankfully, not that hard if you have a few valuable pointers.

  • Learn a thing or two about cannabis: If you can at least understand and explain the difference between an indica and a sativa, you’ll be on your way. Any advanced-level understanding of the latest marijuana topics will net you a better chance of landing that first budtender gig.


  • Learn a thing or two about sales: You definitely don’t need a business degree or a fancy diploma from Grant Cardone’s sales course, but some self-study will go a long way. Find an introductory-level book that speaks to you and give it a deep dive, seeking any takeaways that you feel can apply to the budtender position.


  • Practice your eye contact: Customers of all ages are going to feel more comfortable and willing to give trust when they can look at your eyes. Even if they’re a bit glassy, the honesty of solid eye-contact can speak volumes about your character. Practice this ability if it isn’t already second nature.


  • Practice speaking clearly and slowly: Remember, many of your customers and patients are going to be elderly or sick… or high. If you start throwing jargon at them too fast, they’ll miss your message and potentially want to bring their business elsewhere. A slow and calculated delivery means more than saying everything as fast as you can.

The budding landscape of legal cannabis cultivation, sales and use is exciting and undoubtedly potentially very profitable. Armed with this information, head out and start applying at dispensaries, and you’ll be tending bud before you know it!


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