3 Ways to Curb the Munchies


Are you trying to enjoy your high without paying for it by over-eating? Here are 3 tips for controlling the munchies.

You stumble into the kitchen, your eyes constantly re-adjusting to the light, and you spot the cabinet. What is this menagerie of pure joy? Cookies, and macaroni, and rice, and peanut butter, that for some ungodly reason you decide to combine together in one plate.

The mixtures are endless. I once made a blueberry waffle and put fried eggs on top of it, with hot sauce. That’s disgusting. Marijuana effects olfactory glands, making things smell and taste better, and many hunger receptors in your brain. You only realize how gross all that food you ate was until a day after you smoke; while you pay for the munchies with some extra pounds, and some killer stomach aches.

So how can you avoid that?

1. Try some Different strains

While research on strains that scientifically prevent munchies is still in preliminary stages, there are strains that regular pot-smokers laud as being less likely than others to empty your pantry. Blue Dream is a favorite of athletes, who say that the strain can actually motivate you to have a better work-out, while off-setting the urge to eat. In general avoid sativa strains and go for indica, or indica heavy blends, if you’re trying to keep from over-eating.

2. Go on a walk

Doing something outside when you’re high has a lot of benefits besides just curbing the munchies. Even though staying inside is fun, going out can keep you from feeling lazy and unmotivated. Marijuana isn’t a drug that has to promote those things at all; seeing a star brighter than before, basking in the crisp auburn of a Fall leaf, and seeing the beauty in the everyday, are all beneficial things that can come from a long high walk. You won’t consume any food and you’ll be doing something healthy, worthwhile, and fun.

3. Prepare Low-Calorie Food Ahead

If you know that marijuana just makes you hungry, no matter your efforts to stop it, keep something healthy around to eat. Butter-free popcorn, bags of carrots, and edamame are all foods that you can eat a ton of, and not feel bad about later. You might even find a new love for healthier foods in your everyday life if you eat these things when they really taste great.

Marijuana isn’t a drug that makes people lazy and unhealthy.  There are great ways to consume and enjoy recreational marijuana that can enrich every persons life.

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