How to Get Free Weed


Have you wondered how to get free weed? Here’s a few ways to do it.

Everyone loves to get free stuff whether it’s because they aren’t financially stable or just wouldn’t mind a freebie here and there. No matter the reason, there are a few ways to get free weed just like there’s ways to get other stuff for free.

Growing your own is obviously the first way that comes to mind. However, keep in mind that it is illegal in many states nationwide and quite a few countries but there are some that will allow you to grow your own for personal use. If you were to decide to do this, marijuana tends to grow best in an outdoor environment with lots of sunshine and water. It’s also grown indoors but artificial light and warmth will have to be added to successfully grow a plant. This will add to the utility bills and require spending money on equipment. A seed-bomb can also be dropped off into the environment. It would have to be checked on to see the progress.

There’s also websites in the United States that offer coupons for free medical marijuana. Of course, again, you must live in a state that allows medical marijuana use in order to use the coupon or to even obtain the weed. However, this could be a great option with minimum labor requirements unlike growing your own.

Another way would be to share in a place with legal recreational use. It is a very common practice among smokers. It’s also very common to share with strangers. Just simply ask in a polite manner. Always keep in mind that the culture varies from place to place and some might find this rude. Be prepared to be rejected. Always be aware of the various smoking etiquettes in each environment.

Alternatively, you could just try saving big.  Check here for great deals and dispensaries.


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