How To Get Weed Legally


As the use of marijuana is becoming more socially accepted, more states are legalizing it for personal and medical use. There are a variety of ways to purchase weed, so how do you find weed? It all depends on the reason for the use, and where you are.

Medical Usage: The medicinal use of marijuana grew by 74% in 2014 alone.  Each state has different laws and qualifying medical conditions surrounding marijuana. Even after you are approved to use medical marijuana, you cannot purchase it at your local Walgreens.  Nevertheless, don’t panic, there are several easy ways to purchase it legally.

  • Medical dispensaries are the most common choice. Some also may be called co-ops. All you need is your ID and doctor recommendation letter or card, then HAPPY SHOPPING!
  • Collectives consist of a group that grows their own marijuana, and those growers are also patients.

Recreational Usage: If you are lucky enough to live in one of the four states that legalized marijuana, there are great options.

  • Grow your own. If you are one of those who enjoy growing things and finding the perfect taste, growing might be for you. Plus, you don’t have to drive anywhere to purchase it.
  • Adult use dispensaries are easy to find in states where they are legal These are convenient, you can find anything from suckers to cookies. You could spend hours just looking around.
  •  There are several online stores as well, however, be very careful when purchasing anything on the web. Do your research to verify that the business is legitimate.

Finding weed can be somewhat overwhelming these days.  Our dispensary finder lets you simply put in your location and see results for all recreational and medical dispensaries near by. You can even find some great promotional offers tied to your purchase. See what’s in your area.


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