How to Make a Fruit Bong From an Apple


If you have ever wondered how to make a fruit bong, here is a detailed way to smoke from an apple. Many fruits are usable, but the apple bong is the most basic and easiest to construct. Please follow these directions carefully.

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First, start with an apple (any variety works). You are going to carve three holes.  One of them will hold the pot. Another one will be the mouthpiece. The last one will be your carb. And now, the details.

Start by carving out the stem. Make sure you carve a deep enough wedge so the pot fits. However, do not carve too deep. You don’t want the weed to fall inside. Make a small, pin-sized hole in the wedge so the smoke can travel through.

Next, place a hole for the mouthpiece. Make sure this hole reaches the center of the apple below, but not connecting with, the wedge you previously carved.  You want the smoke to reach your mouth. OPTIONAL: make the hole more narrow if you wish to inhale through a straw.

The last hole is your carb. Carve this one catty-corner to the mouthpiece. Like the previous opening, carve so the hole reaches the center of the apple. Make sure the hole is slightly smaller than the tip of your thumb. Carve in the area where you will place your thumb.

Now, you are ready to spark up. Smoke as usual.  The best part – when you’re done, you already have your munchie snack.


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