How to Make A Fruit Bong


Have you ever found yourself wanting to have a quick smoke, but all you can find is your fruit supply? Do not fear, a variety of bongs are easily made from fruit, they will even leave you with a pleasant flavor. Here’s how to make a fruit bong.

The Apple

You don’t have to be Johnny Appleseed in order to appreciate all the benefits of apples. They’re healthy, delicious, and easy to make a pipe out of, what more could you ask for? Although not technically a bong, an apple pipe is one of the easiest to make. You’ll need: An apple, a pen or pencil or any other circular object that’s sturdy enough to make a hole. Simply make a hole from the top (for the weed), and a perpendicular hole joining up to that hole (for the mouth).

The Cucumber Pineapple Bong

This bong is both delicious and looks pretty darn cool. It’s a great centerpiece for luau themed parties. Cut the top part off of the pineapple (save it), and scoop out all of the fruit. Take the cucumber and drill or stab a circular hole all the way through and cut it in half. Scoop a bowl out of one end of the cucumber to house the weed. On the pineapple cut out two holes that are the same size as the cucumber. Fill the pineapple with water or juice and replace the top. Remember, the end of the cucumber that holds the weed should be below the liquid.

This bong can be made of any large fruit such as a watermelon, coconut, or even a squash.

Once you’ve made your fruit bong, stock up on your other supplies here.


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