How to Make Cannabis Eggnog


Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a little eggnog— everyone knows that. That is of course why today, of all days, is National Eggnog Day. We took a holiday favorite and added a twist that is sure to please anyone trying to have the best Christmas Eve of all time.

It’s very simple to make and great to share with some friends. Make a night of it! Because what sounds better than indulging in some Weednog and watching Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Or Bad Santa is always another winning option.


What You Need:

3 quarts of eggnog

1/3 cup cannabutter


What You Do:
1. Melt your cannabutter in the microwave.

2. Then simply mix the cannabutter into your eggnog.


Too simple, right? But it is definitely our favorite holiday treat! We’re thinking of making it a yearly tradition. That’s what Christmas is about after all; a feel good time surrounded by some of your favorite people. Not to mention lots of laughs!


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