How to Make CannaMilk


We all know how well milk goes with your cereal, waffles, and fresh baked cookies and upon discovering this recipe, we were intrigued. This will make any breakfast or any late night treat even more appealing. Just imagine the hint of cannabis flavor (that we all enjoy) with your favorite kind of cookie, hot from the oven. That is exactly why this was an absolute necessity to share. And remember, you can use this milk in ANY recipe that your little heart desires.


What You Need:

1/4th-1/2 ounce of marijuana of cannabis (depends on your wanted potency!)

7 cups of whole milk (not low-fat)

3 cups of heavy whipping cream

cheese cloth

steel bowl

sauce pan


What You Do:

1. Put a couple inches of water (not so much it would touch the bottom of the steel bowl)into a sauce pan and bring to a slight boil.

2. Combine milk, cream, and finely ground marijuana in steel bowl and whisk together.

3. Reduce water to simmer and place your steel bowl on top of the sauce pan. You are essentially using the hot water in the pan as a heat buffer. The steam will rise and heat the bottom of the steel bowl and your cannamilk will heat evenly without curdling the milk.

4. Stir your cannamilk every once in a while and check the water a few times as well to make sure it is not at a full boil. You want to keep the water at a simmer.

5. Allow at least 30 minutes to properly heat the milk. Although, some people heat it for up to 3 hours. Eventually, there will be no more THC that can come out of your weed.

6. Use the cheese cloth and strain the mixture to filter out all of the plant matter.

7. Let mixture cool and place in container in which you can put into your refrigerator.


REMINDER: CannaMilk tends to be on the more potent side, so consume carefully. You may want to start with small servings and work your way up to test out your ‘sweet spot.’


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