How to Meditate (With Weed!)


It probably comes as absolutely no surprise to anybody, but aside from its numerous uses as medicine, food, a textile, a tranquilizer, a painkiller, an appetite stimulant and all-around enhancement for, well… everything, marijuana has been used as a spiritual aid for thousands of years.

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Meditation and weed go way back. As early as 800 BCE, marijuana was designated as one of the five sacred plants of India and used as a sacred offering to Shiva (the third god in the Hindu triumvirate). Our more recent ancestors used weed to help them get their minds right and as a pathway to get in touch with their spiritual side as well, especially through meditation.

Meditation is not just for spiritual activities, though. It’s been used for centuries to provide relief for physical and psychological difficulties; as far back as 1500 BCE, in fact. Meditation has been clinically proven to help relieve anxiety, depression and to help with chronic pain. This is something it has in common with our good friend Mary Jane.

Marijuana not only helps with anxiety, depression and chronic pain, it also opens the mind, enhances concentration and opens our connection to the metaphysical side of life. This makes weed excellent for use in spiritual activities like meditation and journeying.

To use marijuana to improve and help with meditation, all you need is some good bud and a few minutes. Simply take a few hits (make sure you’re not too stoned to concentrate) and start your usual meditation routine. If you don’t have a usual meditation routine, it’s easy to get started. Just close your eyes and relax. Don’t worry about clearing your mind at first (ironically, worrying about it makes it harder). Focus on your breathing. If your mind wanders, that’s OK. When you notice it, redirect your attention back to your breathing. Try this for 5 minutes a day and when it becomes easier to stay focused, try for 10 minutes. Some people use music to help them focus, such as rhythmic drumming or binaural beats.

Once you get better at doing simple meditation, more specific types of meditations can be done. The important thing is to take the time to relax and quiet your mind. It can make a huge difference in your quality of life.


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