How to Transport Your Weed


When it come to weed, discretion always seems to be of the utmost importance. But how do you transport your weed safely and securely?

Despite its growing legality, there can still be a certain taboo when it comes to marijuana, and smokers often have a hard time transporting weed securely and safely, and people are often wondering how they can transport their weed.

People will go to great lengths to hide, store, and transport their weed. While many people use the old standby’s: glasses cases, ziplock bags, or mint tins, but these tend to be obvious, not to mention smelly, immediately letting everybody know what you’re actually storing instead of sunglasses.  Not to mention, these methods can often leave your cannabis open to the elements, damaging their smoking qualities.

Luckily, many companies make great devices for storage and transport that can help you transport your weed and make sure its quality remains intact. Our current favorite is the Black Rock Safety  How To Transport Your Weed GreenitoCase, which is small and sleek – and it fits in your pocket and is lighter than an iPhone. The case includes a variety of straps on the inside, allowing for versatile storage and transport of everything from blunts to dabs to lighters and rolling papers. You can keep all your gear in one, slim pack.

The sleek black styling is waterproof and smell proof, allowing you to take your green anywhere without suspicion. You’ll no longer have to be the person who reeks of weed with dabs melting in their pockets; with the proper storage and transport units, you can smoke in style on the go.

If you’re just taking your weed from your dispensary to your house, there’s probably no reason to be too concerned about how you’re transporting your weed, but if you’re looking to smoke while you’re out and about, a proper case can go a long way.  These cases usually range from $25-$70, depending on storage space and gadgets that come with it.

It’s important to note that traveling with your weed isn’t always legal; if you cross state lines with marijuana, you’re under federal jurisdiction, where it remains illegal, and in most states its still illegal to smoke in a public place, so think before you light up.


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