How to Warm Up Your Winter With Weed


People smoke marijuana for different reasons.  Some people smoke to relax while others smoke to heighten enjoyment.  Whatever the case may be, harsh environmental conditions can easily put a damper on popular activities such as hiking or attending a festival.

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Smoker or not, winter is a time during which most people retreat into their homes and hunker down until the sun decides to once again, grace the sky with her presence.  While smoking and binging your favorite new television show does have its appeal, below are a few suggestions for additional activities that make winter and weed not sound like such a bad combo. Always remember, safety first!

  1. Build an Igloo – There are many ways to do this, but most consist of piling up snow, freezing the outside with water, and digging out the middle.  Set up some candles and light up.  This different kind of hot box will keep you warmer than you might imagine and provide a great story for you and your friends. Is this how Eskimos smoke all the time?
  2. Sweet Treat: After day on the slopes or playing in the snow, come back and relax with some weed hot chocolate.  There are countless pot cookie and brownie recipes appropriate for anytime, but nothing goes with winter like a cup of coco.  You can even bring some out to your igloo!
  3. Explore: Familiar woods and forests appear different under a layer of white, so smoke a joint and go reconnect with nature as well as yourself.  Be careful not to wander too far and camp in familiar areas. If properly prepared, there is nothing quite like the silence of a cold evening under the stars after smoking.


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