How Would Legalizing Weed Help The Economy? In Many Ways!


While the consensus to legalize marijuana is growing across the nation, lawmakers are still dragging their feet on the issue. In addition to some, frankly, outdated ideas about cannabis use, many wonder how would legalizing weed help the economy.


As of the end of April, Colorado has collected $80.4 million in taxes and fees. That’s up from last year and the amount collected each month is growing. That’s taxes people are volunteering to pay. That taxes the state government collects without having to levy property or raise income taxes. Any time government can collect taxes through voluntary means, it’s a definite win.


Farmers can turn marginal cropland in marijuana fields. That’s another cash crop for them. NORML reports weed is Hawaii’s No. 1 cash crop, clobbering pineapples which run a distant second. Small farmers need help and letting them grow pot is a great way to give them that assistance without hitting taxpayers for more subsidies and bailouts.


Marijuana became illegal in 1937 owing to unfounded fears about people who used it. Since then, millions of people have been arrested for possession, growing, distributing or even being in the same vehicle as someone with a blunt. Frankly, the war on drugs is not working.

What this war is doing, is giving ordinary people who’d otherwise never think of breaking the law a criminal record. With that on their record, they find it harder to get a job, harder to get financing for major purchases like a house.

Arresting someone costs money. Putting them in jail costs money. Taking them to trial costs money. That’s money that could be better diverted to handling truly dangerous criminals. It’s money that could be better used building parks, roads and better schools.

May people argue that we should simply make marijuana legal and let these people continue to live their lives in a productive manner. Let them pay taxes, support farmers and use the tax money to build a better society.

If you’re willing to support efforts to legalize pot, MPP and NORML are both very involved in efforts, but the best way is to openly share your support for marijuana with your friends and family. Share this information.

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