Is Any Marijuana Use Legal In Florida?


When California legalized marijuana use for medical purposes, many states took a serious look at their own laws on marijuana. One such state was Florida. As a location favorable for retired and elderly people with medical issues, the State asked for a voter decision on whether or not marijuana legalization in Florida would become a reality in the last statewide election.

Amendment 2

In the 2014 election cycle, the design of Amendment 2 was for legalized marijuana for medical use only. Marijuana would have been available by prescription. The bill was similar to the California law. This amendment needed a 60% yes total in order to pass. Originally thought of as an easy to pass amendment, it was subject to negative advertising during the final 6 months of the campaign.

Not Quite 60%

The final vote tally for Amendment 2 failed to come up with the required amount of votes. It fell short by less than 3% and did not pass. Those who wrote the bill vowed they would rewrite the amendment, close the loopholes mentioned in the negative ad campaign and try again in 2016.

How The Votes Will Fall For This Bill

Proponents of the bill believe younger voters will be more in favor of legalizing the use of marijuana in Florida. They further state older people will tend to vote against it unless they have a need for it. In the 2016 elections, supporters for the bill are counting on the younger voters of the population to come out and support this amendment.

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