Is Marijuana Cleaning the Air?


We all know marijuana lovers love green, but they’re also helping us all live greener as well.

Ever since the legalization movement started, people have been talking about the positive effects of marijuana. After years of debate and discussion, as well as testing done by scientists and bold experiments conducted by state governments, we know certain things about marijuana. We know that it can help people suffering from chronic pain, and that it is an appetite stimulant. We know that if it is sold legally that it will dump money into the state coffers through taxes, and that if it is decriminalized then we will see a massive reduction in our prison population.

Those are all good benefits. However, there is one benefit marijuana provides that no one has been talking about. It sucks unwanted pollutants out of the air, and provides fresh, clean oxygen for us to breathe.

A Scientific Anomaly in Maine

According to this article, when the American Lung Association was conducting a survey of people who lived near airports, it found that Augusta, Maine’s airport didn’t conform to the norm (the norm being people with unwanted lung conditions from breathing air filled with jet plane pollutants).

This made people curious, and after a little digging they found there was a massive marijuana farm hidden on the property. So, while the person responsible was arrested and sentenced, since marijuana is still illegal in Maine, his activities revealed that when it comes to sucking particulate matter out of the air, marijuana is better than almost any other common plant at the job. Not only that, but further experiments showed that it pumps more oxygen back out, making it a one-two punch for environmentalists.

So, that’s one more tic to add onto the pro-marijuana side of things. We could plant fields of it around urban areas choked with harsh air, and immediately start saving people from unwanted lung diseases and breathing disorders. Who says marijuana isn’t an air freshener?


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