Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Nausea?


Marijuana is often touted as a miracle solution to life’s aches and pains, but is it an effective treatment for nausea? The answer is yes.

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With medical marijuana becoming more readily available throughout the world, the plant has become actively researched, with scientists finding new benefits all the time. Pot technology has burst to life, creating safer methods like vaping, concentrated wax, and even designer strains that allow patients to focus on their particular symptoms. Hard evidence backs up a nearly universal patient experience: marijuana is an extremely effective and completely safe treatment for nausea. Nausea is a difficult and sometimes life-threatening symptom of certain illnesses, including hyperemesis gravidarum, Crohn’s Disease, and Cancer.

Marijuana can be more effective than pharmaceutical antiemetics without negative side effects like diarrhea and muscle spasms. The human body naturally produces cannabinoids, so it is better prepared to absorb them, allowing for quick relief of symptoms. Strains such as Afghooey, Thor’s Hammer, or The Third Dimension are known for expedited stomach pain and nausea relief.

Patients can choose their preferred delivery method, but those interested in edibles should first do their homework. Accurate dosage is necessary with edibles, which can be much stronger. Edibles are a good choice for seniors who are turning to medical marijuana for decreased symptoms and increased quality of life.

Vaporizing is another healthy choice that is gaining popularity in the medical marijuana world for its lack of harsh byproducts that come from traditional smoking. Vaping gives the most natural and mild flavor, which can make it a more comfortable choice for patients being treated for nausea.



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