Is Weed Legal In California?


With so many medical dispensaries found in California, many people wonder is weed legal in California?  The answer is, well sort of.  Since 1996, the use of marijuana for medical purposes when recommended by a doctor is legal.  Is it legal for recreational use?  No.

However, it may not be illegal for long.  According to a recent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California, 54% of California voters are in favor of legalizing marijuana.  This marks an all time high (pun intended!) for the support of recreational use that continues to grow each year. In fact, after voters decided to legalize cannabis in Colorado in 2012 and Alaska in 2014, at least two proposed ballot measures have already been filed to legalize marijuana in California in 2016!

The first is the “Compassionate and Sensible Access Act,” which is focused on medical marijuana. It hopes to allow easier access to medical marijuana and stop local governments from interfering.

The second is the “California Craft Cannabis Initiative,” which is calling for the legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis. Even more ballot measures are sure to come in the days leading up to the 2016 election.

Here are three key reasons why California should legalize Marijuana:

1. Studies have shown that smoking marijuana is safer than drinking alcohol and is in fact, less addicting.

2. It will boost the economy through increased revenues and more taxes and discourage the underground sale of it. Just look at Colorado and Washington.

3. The use of recreational marijuana is on the rise despite it’s illegal status, and if legalized, we can better regulate it, and  police can better use their resources to actual, serious crimes.

When California voters last rejected the legalization of cannabis in 2010 with Proposition 19, things were a lot different. 53.5% voted no and 46.5% voted yes. But the tide has shifted. More potential voters are now saying yes! The success of Colorado and Washington has definitively proven that legalizing marijuana not only makes sense, but that the above three reasons are absolutely true. You can be sure California is set to make history in 2016.
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