Is Weed Legal in Spain?


Many 420-inspired travelers want to know the answer to a burning question — is weed legal in Spain? The answer is “mostly yes, but not completely.”

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The “Yes”

If you are a citizen of Spain, you are legally permitted to cultivate and smoke marijuana for personal consumption needs only. That means that if you are at your Airbnb or rented flat somewhere in the tourist areas of Spain, you can safely step out on the balcony and spark up a doobie. Just make sure the wind isn’t blowing it directly into a police station.

The “Not Completely”

Regardless of your citizen or visitor status, you may not purchase or sell the plant or any of its derivations in any public manner, or face some potential criminal penalty.

It is also completely illegal to bring any pot into the country. So leave any herb or paraphernalia at home for safe-keeping with the fond reminder that they are at home waiting for your safe and legally-unaffected return.

A Very Pot-Friendly Culture

Don’t worry about trying to find a bag once you get off the plane. Unless you are afraid of people, the local and expat community is known to be very knowledgeable and helpful, even for green tourists. If you come off as a kind type of person, there will be no doubting the bond and the herbal remedies won’t be far away.

Puff in a Smoking Club:

Cannabis Barcelona, and other popular smoking club introduction services have been another huge draw for THC-hungry travelers. While it remains rather difficult to join clubs easily and directly, the underground and private cannabis clubs in Barcelona are certainly growing in number. This is the primary distinction between a smoking club in Spain and a coffee shop you might frequent in Amsterdam.

Parting Thoughts:

Spain is a gorgeous country and so long as you keep the herb to private use and non-public consumption, you’ll be enjoying the full experience without making any sacrifices.


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