Israel Makes Strides on Marijuana


2016 seems to be the year that the market of marijuana in Israel pushes forward to be more inclusive and open-minded when it comes to weed.

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Though cannabis in Israel has garnered more acceptance than its counterpart in the United States, the government has been intentionally keeping the market small in order to keep a close eye on its rules and regulations. It was only in 2011 that the medicinal value of marijuana was formally recognized by the Israeli government, though there had been earlier clinical trials all pointing towards the therapeutic advantages.

Israel’s penchant for clinical trials regarding the drug means that the country has been largely aware of the benefits of medical marijuana since the 1990s. According to NewsMax, upwards of 18,000 people were authorized to have medical marijuana permits in 2015, seeming to prove that Israel is ready to move forward with broader legalization. They have become one of the leading countries when it comes to marijuana research. In order to do so, however, their market also needs to be broadened.

As of December 2015, only eight farms were allowed to grow all of Israel’s medicinal cannabis plants. However, the government has just recently announced their plans to expand this market outward, allowing more farms to apply for eligibility. TechCrunch reported in January that any farm which passes certain safety requirements will be authorized to grow cannabis for the Israeli government. Whether or not this means that full legalization of marijuana is coming to Israel has yet to be seen, but the good news is that, for those who need it medicinally, the plant will become easier to access.


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