The First Church of Cannabis Sues Indiana For Legal Marijuana Rights


The question of where religion and drugs meet is one that’s been a sticking point in America for many years. From peyote to wine, religions have often included some form of substance as a kind of sacrament to open up people’s perceptions. With more and more states embracing legal marijuana, there’s been a growing push back by organizations like the First Church of Cannabis for whom this plant is an essential part of their belief structure.

Another Freedom of Religion Fight in Indiana

Indiana has made a lot of headlines for religious issues in the past (particularly its “freedom of religion” laws which have been aimed at allowing discrimination against the LGBTQ community), but now the state is being named in a suit. The First Church of Cannabis is claiming that Indiana’s laws against marijuana impinge on its religious freedom, and that by denying them the right to smoke the state is violating their rights.

While it might sound silly on the surface, this is far from the first time the right to use drugs has shown up in a religious freedom case. What makes marijuana unique, though, is that it’s legal in other states. That legality might undercut the idea that using this drug is a health risk, or that it’s somehow a danger to the state and its citizens.

The other question people are wondering is whether or not this fight will remain a religious issue. After all, if the First Church of Cannabis (which believes in good health and knowledge of who you really are) is given the right to smoke marijuana as part of its services, then why should it remain illegal at all? Just as how the “traditional” arguments against gay marriage have failed to hold up in court, it’s pretty likely that “traditional” arguments against marijuana are going to topple over as well.

What do you think?

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