Lighting Up the Holidays: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


As the holidays descend upon us, it’s time to get gifty and start thinking about everyone – including the smokers in your life. The trick remains – how do you buy for all those lovely people?

Here are 11 perfect gifts for the smokers in your life, courtesy of our 2015 holiday gift guide.

  1. 420 GoodyBox Subscription– There are subscription boxes for all kinds of things now; why not pot connoisseurs? Each month will give your giftee something a little bit different, from Pure Hemp Rolling Paper to a Viking 2-in-1 Glass Globe Kit (you can check out previous box contents here).
  2. GreenitoWhite Glass Candy Cane Glass Spoon Pipe– It might cost a little more than your average stocking stuffer, but this candy cane pipe is just too cute to pass up for Christmas. Let the stoners in your life toke with something festive during those chilly Winter months!
  3. GreenitoThe Marijuana Chef Cookbook– A great gift for the more adventurous smokers in your life, The Marijuana Chef Cookbook is packed with 55 recipes that any pot-lover is bound to love. The author covers everything from drinks to entrées, so why not give this gift with a little something yummy, too?
  4. GreenitoPot Leaf Jewelry– While a dainty little ring is certainly a lovely choice, you could also easily go with a slightly groovier necklaceplugs, or even a gorgeous rendition of the molecular structure for THC.
  5. GreenitoBlack Rock Safety Case– These sleek, small cases, secretly hold everything a stoner could want – multiple joints, lighters, pipes, grinders, rolling papers, plus they’re waterproof and smell proof, meaning your favorite stoner can store on the go.  Bonus points if you gift it fully stocked.
  6. GreenitoStoner City Board Game– Know a smoker who loves nothing more than light up and play games? Stoner city is the gift for them. A version of Monopoly that caters to the smoking crowd, Stoner City lets you build your own bud business and smoke the competition.
  7. GreenitoFirefly Portable Vaporizer– A great gift for the more occasional user, vaporizers are an easy dip into smoking because of their ease of use. Many users also find that the more off-putting side-effects of smoking marijuana can be steered clear of with a tool like a vaporizer, making it a healthy choice, too.
  8. GreenitoHemp Head-to-Toe Body Care– This perfect gift set for the beauty- and eco-conscious in your life will earn serious brownie points. Packed in a decorative metal tin, you’ll find hand protector, body butter, lip moisturizer, and foot protector, all enriched with Comminity Fair Trade hemp seed oil.
  9. GreenitoMagical Butter 2– The be all, end all gift for those who have decided to step into the magical world of butters, oils, and more. The Magical Butter maker helps weed lovers create an assortment of products, and even provides users with a multitude of recipes to try at home – everything from Black Chinese Heirloom Rice with Coconut Milk to Mood & Fur Elixir for Cats.
  10. GreenitoMagnetic Poetry: Little Box of Weed– An awesome little something for the word lovers in your life; the Little Box of Weed is packed with 72 “stoner friendly” words, including righteous, ganja, toke, and Plus all the modifiers and pronouns you need to create some seriously dank sentences, dude.
  11. GreenitoThe DabStraw One of the best inventions of all time when it comes to dabbing. You know how hard it is to try to take an oil rig somewhere so that you and your pals can enjoy that unique shatter high? Well, these people solved that problem for you. You can thank them later but in the mean time, check out all they have to offer. You’ll be happy you did… and so will the people you are buying gifts for.

Lighting Up the Holidays: 2015 Gift Guide Greenito



Of course, a nice pair of socks never go unappreciated, but you can also check out our best deals and dispensaries if you want to look for something a little bit different.


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