Live Free Not High: New Hampshire Shoots Down Cannabis Initiative


In February 2016, the Granite State’s House rejected legal weed in New Hampshire. Two of three House Bills that proposed legalized marijuana got shot down by the House.

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House Bill 1675 would have allowed personal possession of just over two pounds of marijuana for adults 18 and older. The bill would have allowed six plants for personal use as well as retail marijuana sales. House Bill 1694, which was also shot down, would have legalized the personal possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for folks 21 years and older. The bill also would have authorized growing and using industrial hemp.

Both of the bills would have brought substantial tax revenue to New Hampshire, but the House rejected the notion just the same.

Despite the state’s motto, Live Free of Die, New Hampshire is the only New England state that has yet to decriminalize weed. This seems odd given that a study done in 2015 revealed that 60% of the state’s voters support legal marijuana.

All hope is not lost, however. Two bills, House Bill 1610 and House Bill 1631 still seek to legalize or, at the very least, decriminalize pot respectively.

Each year, New Hampshire spends millions of tax dollars arresting, prosecuting, and sentencing people who possess and use pot. Right now, it appears that the trend will continue but, so long as Granite Staters, continue to demand these bills make it to the house, then there is a good chance the tide will turn.


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