Making and Using Hash Oil


Hash oil – also known as wax, dabs, or BHO – is quickly becoming a superstar in the canna community. For good reason too, hash oil can be vaped, eaten, rubbed on a sore muscle, and the end result is the same; it gets you high.

However cannabis oil has many more applications than just to get you high. It’s also highly praised as a cancer fighting agent and a valuable tool for stopping seizures, muscle spasms, migraines, and a variety of other ailments.

Now, while making hash oil in itself isn’t dangerous you will be working with potentially combustible components. Be sure to work in a well ventilated space with a fan to circulate air and keep sources of open flames away from your work area.

To get started, you will need;

  • A Rice Maker (Or Any Other Cooking Apparatus Able To Hold A Constant Temperature)
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Parchment Or Wax Paper
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Metal Pot
  • Everclear Alcohol
  • Herb Material (Bud, Stems, Leaves)
  • Cooking Thermometer
  • Digital Scale (Optional for weighing final product.)

Prepping The Herb

Be sure to start this process at least a week before you intend to distill the oil. Start by rinsing your herb in Everclear, using just enough to cover the top of your material and stirring for sixty seconds. Now strain the material and discard the spent Everclear. Begin again using just enough Everclear to cover and leave the herb to soak for at least a week.

Preparing The Liquid

Before starting, be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect your work area and tools. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to wipe down counter tops and other surfaces. Now, gauge the temperature at which your rice cooker or other chosen medium functions using the cooking thermometer. Pour some water into the medium and wait for it to boil or bubble, then add the thermometer. A temperature of approximately 190 °F is ideal. You may now discard the water. Now it is time to strain the soaked herb. We recommend that you wash and dry your cheesecloth before using. Also, shake the cloth out to ensure the removal of any lint or other foreign material. Strain your herb over your metal pot, twisting and squeezing the cheesecloth to ensure all the liquid is strained from the herb.

Concentrating The Oil

Now that you’ve strained as much liquid from the soaked herb as possible, it’s time to concentrate the oil. Pour the liquid into your cooking apparatus and set up the fan to blow over the apparatus while cooking to offset the alcohol fumes. Pour the liquid into your cooking medium, swirling the liquid to pick up any sediment at the bottom. We also recommend loosely draping the cheese cloth over the cooking apparatus to prevent dust from contaminating the oil. Keep the liquid at a steady simmer and be sure to swirl the liquid often to prevent burning. Once the liquid has reduced and stopped running, your oil is ready. You may now remove your oil from the heat source and allow to cool somewhat. Using a rubber or plastic spatula, scrape your oil from the bottom of the pot and transfer it onto your parchment paper.

Every last bit of the oil is valuable and potent medicine so be sure to remove as much as you can and use wisely – but definitely make sure you enjoy!


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