March Reefer Madness: Game Watching Weed Strains


March has been an intense month for college basketball teams, and this Saturday, April 2, the Final Four schools (Villanova University faces off against the University of Oklahoma, and Syracuse University takes on the University of North Carolina) play in the second-to-last round of the NCAA’s annual tournament. Hosting a viewing party for this Saturday’s games? Of course you’ll want to have some delicious cannabis-infused game day treats on-hand. However, you’ll also want to stock up on marijuana strains that get you and your friends into the game. Try these for the Final Four showdown this weekend.

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It’s game time and you’re ready to watch your team destroy the other one. Depending on your personality and mood, you probably want your weed to do one of two things: amp you up or calm you down. For those who want to feel high energy with a mellow calm (so that you’re not antsy or paranoid), the following strains will get you where you need to be:

As for those college basketball junkies who get a bit distressed watching the matches, maybe try something to take the edge off and reduce your anxiety, such as one of these fantastic marijuana strains:

As for those sports enthusiasts who get a kick out of cannabis strains that reflect the activity they’re enjoying (in this case, watching basketball), try to track down some of these strains inspired by NBA legends:

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