Marijuana and Migraines: Treatment and Prevention


Migraines are frequently debilitating. The American Migraine Foundation estimates that 36 million Americans suffer from the neurological disorder and the World Health Organization categorizes it as one of the 20 most disabling medical conditions in the world. People who suffer frequent and chronic migraines often experience bouts of depression, fatigue, anxiety and sleep disorders. Currently, there is no cure for migraines, but there are methods that reduce the frequency and pain of an attack.

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One of the major prescription drugs that have been shown to successfully stop a migraine is a group of drugs known as triptans. Triptans are believed to work as a cardiovascular constructor and when administered at the onset of a migraine, can eliminate or significantly reduce the pain. There is also promising new research being done on the use of marijuana to reduce and eliminate migraines. Studies are being conducted to see if combining triptan drugs with marijuana might successfully prevent migraines completely, according to Psychology Today.

The use of marijuana for migraine treatment is promising and offering hope to chronic migraine sufferers. Researchers are finding that cannabinoids in the marijuana work on the body’s serotonin in the central nervous system which might make cannabis a therapeutic preventative and treatment option for migraine sufferers, according to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. During studies in Colorado, researchers found that the use of marijuana reduced the frequency of migraine attacks in sufferers. Further studies need to be done to determine the doses of marijuana, the effects of various strains and the overall cause-and-effect of cannabis on preventing migraines. However as it stands, research reveals that the use of marijuana does prevent and reduce the severity of migraines, especially when used in a combination with other migraine drugs such as triptans.


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