Marijuana Can Help You Say Goodbye to Nausea


One of medical marijuana’s most promising features is it’s ability to fight nausea.

Does the modern world got you feeling nauseous on a regular basis? That’s understandable: there’s so much out there that can get you sick! From meat that’s a little too red, a co-worker sneezing on you, or simply hearing that song you hate so much one too many times, the world is a nauseous place. And you’ve tried every single anti-nausea weapon you can find, but you’re still feeling sick to your stomach.

Never fear! Medical marijuana is here: studies have shown that cannabis is one of the most potent nausea treatments on the market. Understanding how and why cannabis can help calm your upset stomach can help you decide if it is right for you.

Multiple studies have shown that the calming effects of cannabis can help curb stomach problems and eliminate nausea in your body. It turns out that the body creates molecules called “endocannabinoids” when you smoke or ingest medical marijuana. These chemicals interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies.  It

What do these receptors control in our body? Our sense of euphoria. And when cannabis generates this state in our body, all sensations of pain and discomfort slowly fade away. This is true of nausea: in fact, doctors have started using medical cannabis as an effective anti-nausea treatment for people undergoing chemotherapy.

Marijuana Can Help You Say Goodbye to Nausea Greenito

The case for the potency of medical cannabis as an anti-nausea medicine seems fairly solid at this point, but more studies are still underway. It’s highly likely that most of them will show what we’ve known for years: cannabis eliminates nausea.  It’s been a popular treatment for many patients undergoing chemotherapy or taking other medications that may induce nausea.


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