Marijuana May Help You Have a Baby


You and your partner¬†have been trying to have a baby for years, but your fertility doctor suggests that you might be infertile. This diagnosis is heartbreaking, but there’s potentially new hope for male infertility in one of nature’s most potent cures: cannabis.

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Multiple Studies Have Confirmed It

Two studies, one performed in New York and another in Boston, studied the sperm of heavy marijuana smokers. They washed the sperm of these smokers with a cannabinoid solution and found that those smokers who had reduced sperm function benefited greatly. Interestingly, those who didn’t have a problem had no benefits.

However, when both types of sperm with treated with a very high concentration of, they reacted positively. These studies, performed in 2006, were two of the first to confirm the positive effects that marijuana may have on male fertility.

This Isn’t The Only Positive Result

While the 2006 date of those last two studies may date their information slightly, it doesn’t date their accuracy. A recent study performed by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biologyfound that a cannabinoid receptor in marijuana boosted the sperm count of infertile males.

This is a major breakthrough in fertility science and suggests that carefully guided medical marijuana use helps boost male fertility. News like this illustrates why medical cannabis is such an important tool in the fight against terrible diseases.


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