How’s your Marijuana Vocab?


Think you know all the weed words out there? Do you have a dope dialect? Chances are you know several of these, but for those new to the medical and legal marijuana world, it’s important to know the right terminology. We’ve compiled a this helpful list that will help you with your cannabis communication skills.

4:20 – The ideal time of day to smoke weed. Do you know the story behind it?

BHO: Butane hash oil, also referred to as butane honey oil. A concentrate made by shooting butane gas through cannabis, then “purging” out the butane.

Blaze – The act of smoking, ingesting or absorbing THC, and/or getting high.

Blunt– A cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana.

Bogart– To hog or not share

Bowl– A bowl is the part of the pipe or bong where you put the weed.

Bubble –  A type of hash that bubbles up when you smoke it.

Budder– An opake hash oil that has been whipped to a creamy, spreadable texture like butter.

Buds – Dried marijuana flowers.

Budtender – Similar to a bartender, this is the person behind the counter in a dispensary who helps you with your products and purchases.

CBD – CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is the therapeutic part of the cannabis plant and can help with many conditions.

Cashed– When the only thing left in a bowl is ash.

Cherried– When a bowl stays lit.

Clones – Cuttings of much larger plants to replicate strains.

Collective – A medical marijuana collective is a group of qualified patients or caregivers who share or are motivated in a common interest, such as the production and transfer of medical marijuana amongst the group.

Concentrate – When the marijuana flower has been refined into a very clean and highly potent product like hash, shatter, or wax.

Cotton Mouth – The dry feeling you may experience after smoking weed.

Couch Lock – The feeling you may get that you are “locked” on your couch after smoking too much indica.

Dab – A hit of extract loaded onto a wand or pick to be smoked on a rig.

Dabbing – Putting concentrates onto a hot surface to produce a vapor that is inhaled through a rig.

Dank – High quality, good stuff.

Dispensary – Stores where you can legally gain access to medicinal or adult use marijuana. Find one near you.

Dome – The bowl-like glass cap placed over the hot nail on a rig to help contain the smoke and prevent injury.

Edibles – An edible product that is infused with marijuana. Edibles are usually strong and the effects last for a long time. If you’re an edibles first timer, make sure you go slow.

Extraction – Any method by which the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc) are removed from the plant matter using a solvent.

Fatty– A very large, fat blunt.

Flower – Ready-to-smoke marijuana buds.

Hash– Hash (hashish) is the resin collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant.

Hash Oil – A sticky concentrate that has the consistency of oil.

Herb – Slang for ready-to-smoke marijuana.

Hybrid– A blend of sativa and indica plants designed to give you the best properties of both types of plant. (Think Red Bull and Vodka — upper and downer in the same glass!)

Indica– A type of cannabis most often used for pain relief, muscle tension and spasms, anxiety, loss of appetite, and lack of sleep. Visually these plants tend to be shorter and mature quicker than sativa plants.

Inhale – The act of smoking, ingesting or absorbing THC, and/or getting high.

Joint– Marijuana rolled into a cigarette.

Kief – A dry powdery concentrate derived from sieving cannabis over a fine mesh.

Mary Jane – Slang for marijuana.

Moms – A specific strain that is kept alive and healthily for the purpose of cloning.

Mota – Spanish slang for marijuana

Nail –  A spike (usually made of glass, quartz, or titanium) used instead of a bowl to smoke concentrates.

Toke – See inhale.

Top Shelf – This is typically what the “best” strains of marijuana are called. They usually command a premium price.

Pot– Slang for marijuana.

Pre-roll – A pre-rolled joint.

Puff – See inhale.

Rig –  A bong designed specifically to smoke concentrates. The bowl has been replaced with a nail and a dome.

Sativa – A type of cannabis best known for their uplifting and heady effects so they are often used to treat depression and fatigue, while, it may also help glaucoma. It is said to promote creativity and social interactions. Sativa plants are slow growers and take much longer to reach maturity than indica plants do.

Schwag – Low quality weed. It is often full of seeds and stems.

Shatter – A form of BHO which is transparent and shatters into smaller pieces.

Solvent – A medium, like butane, oxygen, ethanol, or alcohol, that is used to extract cannabinoids from a marijuana.

Spliff – A combination of rolled up marijuana and tobacco.

Stoner – Someone who loves getting high. Typically not a complement to most people as it can mean that they are often slow and forgetful. We prefer the word connoisseur.

THC – THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid primarily responsible for the psychoactive properties found in cannabis. THC is also responsible for increasing your appetite or giving you the munchies.

Tincture – A strong liquid extraction of cannabis that is usually placed under the tongue with a dropper.

Topicals– Creams, patches, salves, etc that have been infused with cannabis oil.

Torch –  A small blowtorch, like what you use to make crème brûlée, that is used to heat a nail when smoking a concentrate.

Vape Pen – A small, discreet, portable vaporizer that doesn’t give off the smell of marijuana.

Vaporizer – A device used to consume marijuana that heats up the active ingredients until they become a steam like vapor.

WeedSlang for marijuana.

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