Match the High to the Hobby: Things to Do While High


Maybe you live to ski, or love to play music. How about a nice long hike or, perhaps you would rather enjoy a hammock. Here are some favorite flavors and things to do while high that we recommend.

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While we’d never advise getting too high and hitting the slopes, we understand that, sometimes, a toke and run is just what you need. If you’re lucky enough to find some Apollo 13 and a fresh line through the trees, then this heady, energetic high will make your glide through the trees the best run of the day.

Whether you want to sit down on the throne and hit the skins, or pick up your favorite Gibson SG and wail, the Afghani Bullrider is a great choice. This classic picks you up, mellows you out, and lets your creative juices flow. Check it out.

Should you find yourself out in the woods, and you’re ready for a tasty pick me up, there’s nothing like Wonka’s Bubblicious and some mountain miles. Hints of bubble gum make this blissful, energetic favorite a must have for any hike.

If all you want to do is lie in a hammock and stare at the sky, try a Zombie. However, if it’s time to unwind with a great book, then it’s nice to stay away from something too mind bending. If you want to read, think and sway, try XJ-13 and a new novel.

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