Match the Strain to the Pain: The Best Marijuana for Pain


The medicinal benefits of pot are well established. As a result, 23 states allow medical marijuana. Thankfully, it seems that all of America is on course to legalize pot for patients who need it. As medicinal cannabis becomes more common, those in need might want some recommendations. Here we have some of our best strains of marijuana for different kinds of pain.

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Mild pain

For body aches and pains associated with everyday activities, Armagnac is a great choice. Known for its pain relief and mellow, mood shifting capabilities. This strain can keep you going when you have a little more work to do. Once you’re home from a long day, Blue God relieves pain, and mellows you out to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Intense pain

Whether you suffer from something like back pain or you’re recovering from a major injury, it can’t hurt to call on the gods. Zeus OG is a medical hybrid created to relieve pain and take away the stress that only makes it worse. If it’s real bad, try a 9 Pound Hammer. This indica packs a significant punch that knocks back pain and helps you unwind, and recuperate.


Inflammation compounds pain so stop it before it makes matters worse. 501st OG relaxes you as well as relieves muscle tension and dissolves stress. This helps increase blood flow, and lets you recover.Avi-Dekel is a low THC option created for patients with inflammation. This option has little to no intoxication factor so it won’t interrupt your flow. FYI: it’s also great for insomnia, and promotes a hearty appetite.


Tension, especially in the muscles, can cripple you. If you need to relieve tension and stress, Appalachia is a great option. This slightly spacey high will take away tension and give you the light boost you need to get through the rest of your day. At the end of the day, Beast Mode OG is a great choice for bedtime. Unwind with this powerful stress reliever and let it put you to bed so your body can rejuvenate.

These strains barely scratch the surface. There are hundreds of breeds and crossbreeds out there that will give you the relief you need.


Find these strains and more here.


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