Medical Marijuana Success Stories: Meet Kristen Peskuski


Medical cannabis success stories are some of the fastest growing stories found in the world of cannabis conversion. Kristen Peskuski and her medical cannabis usage is one of them.

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Considered the first individual healed with raw cannabis juice, Kristen is married to Dr. William L. Courtney, the brain behind the method of juicing marijuana leaves the way one might juice cucumbers, kale, and apples.

Kristen’s own sickness started at a very young age. At only 14, she was diagnosed simultaneously with pneumonia and chronic fatigue, leaving her unable to finish her first year of high school. Her problems only escalated from there — by 16, it was rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus. By 19 she was diagnosed with endometriosis and experienced a menstrual cycle that lasted a full seven months.

As she became allergic to many of the medications she was prescribed to fight off these illnesses, more diagnoses and treatments were piled atop her. Interstitial cystitis and chemo drugs to treat it.

“They did hydro-distensions where they would blow up [my bladder] to five times its normal size to rip the nerves out, thinking it would help the pain… There were a series of rods that they put in my urethra – it was akin to a medieval torture device… It didn’t help. I had it done twice.”

Her illnesses continued to worsen as time went on — and her medication list grew longer. Atop the chemo drugs and antibiotics, she was taking Zoloft, morphine, Percocet, and Valium.

But then one day, she stopped. Cold turkey. She got better for a little while, but then started to get worse again.

“I had to go on pain meds just to get out of bed. They said I was allergic to trees, grass, mold, dust… The doctor told me I should quit school, quit work, and stay at home… which is what everyone wants to hear when they’re 26 years old.”

Kristen had noticed in the past that smoking marijuana had helped with some of her symptoms. She wanted to know why it was that this illegal yet nontoxic plant seemed to do more for her than a mountain of laboratory made medications.

Kristen started her own research — using herself as the test subject. She smoked a quarter of an ounce a day, added concentrated cannabis to her breakfast, and began to see results.

“I improved significantly. I didn’t need my inhaler anymore. I didn’t need pain medication anymore, [though] I still had a couple of infections. But prior to this, I had been on antibiotics every day.”

Through her own research and experimentation, she met Dr. Courtney. Her personal research enriched his, already years in the making. Soon, he was encouraging her to consume her cannabis raw and in a dried state, encapsulated. This eventually led to even juicing the leaves and incorporating them into her daily diet. Not only did Kristen see a dramatic reduction in every one of her prior diagnoses, but her health improved to the point that she was able to become pregnant when she had previously been told that would be impossible.

“When I take marijuana juice, I feel more focused, more alert. I breathe better. I have neither heartburn nor gastric disorders, I don’t feel muscle weakness or pelvic and back pains. Now that I feel good, my aim is to help other people with the same problem than mine, so they have all the information on raw cannabis juice.”


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