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Looking for information on the medical uses of marijuana pills? The label is a bit of a misnomer. Most of the Big Pharma products on the market are synthetic chemicals and compounds, like Marinol and Cannabinor. Despite lacking the use of natural extracts does not diminish marijuana’s medical benefits.

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As medical marijuana is becoming popular, and state legislatures are passing its use across the nation, can we expect more natural alternatives? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states they “[understand] that caregivers and patients are looking for treatment options for unmet medical needs. In some instances, patients or their caregivers are turning to marijuana in an attempt to treat conditions such as seizures and chemotherapy-induced nausea.”

Currently, synthetic THC or other cannabinoids are approved for:

  • Nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing cancer treatment;
  • Protecting the brain from damage after cardiac surgery;
  • Regaining memory and other high-level function following Traumatic Brain Injury;
  • Ease neuropathic pain in MS patients;
  • Chronic neuropathic or nerve pain;
  • Encouraging appetite and the treatment of weight loss.

Other expanded uses being researched include:

  • As an anti-inflammatory and pain relief from arthritis;
  • The treatment of chronic neuropathic or nerve pain;
  • Improved bladder control;
  • As a treatment for hypertension;
  • Improved memory;
  • As an appetite reducer to treat obesity.

As you may be aware, medical marijuana specifically identifies the unprocessed marijuana or the natural extracts to treat symptoms or diseases. At this time, the FDA has not approved nor does it recognize unprocessed marijuana or the natural extracts as medicine. We expect this to change soon.


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