Meditation and Weed: a Perfect Match


Marijuana has been used as medicine by many of the world’s major cultures for more than a thousand years. However, many people from Western civilization are unaware that ancient cultures recognized the value of THC as an aide to spiritual practice as well.

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Meditation and weed are connected in ways that can enhance the meditation practice exponentially.  Many practitioners of meditation believe that weed has the ability to tap into the part of humanity that extends to creation or Source. While the connection is always there, the weed aids in being able to more finely tune into that connection.

The inclusion of THC into the meditation practice allows the consciousness to ascend the spiritual elevations into realms that are currently being explored by Quantum Physics. Like any powerful plant, its energies have to be used in ways that harness its primary properties, not only to promote healing, but to also have profound enlightening effects.

The spiritual prospects inherent in marijuana are considered so powerful that a number of religious groups, including Naths, Buddhists, Goddess Worshippers and Shaivites have incorporated it into their practices of meditation.  They believe that the plant has the power to stop the wandering mind to allow the practitioner to enter into a state of peace and profound stillness known as Samadhi.

When used as a tool with the intent and purpose of enhancing one’s meditation practice, weed can provide a means to a desired end.


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