People Who Consume Cannabis: Meet Allan


You should meet Allan Gooden. Allan is from the baby boomer generation. At 63 years-old, he is finally retiring from his factory job after 38 years on the line. He’s on his second marriage and looking forward to his retirement days.

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After his 20 year marriage ended, Allan took his time and married Gwen two years ago. Both have a combined 6 children and 10 grandchildren and they can’t wait to spend lots of time with. Gwen retired from her teaching job last year and cannot wait for Allan to be done at the factory.

“He works so hard. I can’t wait for it to be just us,” said Gwen

Allan has big plans for his retirement. Besides traveling, finally they get their dream honeymoon to Hawaii, Allan plans on being a person who consumes cannabis.

“I smoked pot before I worked at the factory. I voted for it to be medically legal in Michigan. I couldn’t smoke because of my job,” Allan says.

Working on the assembly line at a big car plant, he was randomly drug tested throughout his 38 years there. Now, at 63 and his health is becoming more of a concern, Allan has decided that smoking pot again wouldn’t be a bad thing.

He’s done a lot of research on it and can’t believe the wealth of information about marijuana being good for a person. With all the studies about different strains, CBD’s, and even marijuana’s cousin hemp, it’s amazing what one plant can do.

“We’ve talked at length about smoking pot,” says Allan, “Gwen and I both did it in our 20’s and we’ve been following the recent information about curing cancers, stopping seizures, and preventing dementia. What really sold us is how cannabinols can do so much for your body. The deficiency of it in our systems can be replenished and help against inflammation and pain. It can be a medicine that prevents us from having to take chemically based pharmaceuticals. We prefer that and we want to be around for a long time to see our grandchildren grow up.”

First on his retirement list though? “Buy a boat!” says Allan. Who is looking forward to the fishing on the open water. Sounds like Allan and Gwen are going to have a long, healthy retirement.


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