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You should meet Beverly Knowlan. Beverly is in her late 50’s and recently diagnosed with lymphoma. To say the least, it’s a scary time for Beverly.

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Beverly runs a horse ranch in upstate New York. Her days are usually filled with taking care of horses, training, vet visits, clients, and general running of the ranch. She’s had Whispering Willows ranch for 35 years. It was the first home her and her ex-husband, Miles, bought together and she’s never left.

“I love my ranch. It’s my life’s work to care for horses,” said Beverly.

Over the last two months she hadn’t felt very well. She went and saw her doctor who discovered the lump in her nodes. After a biopsy and what seemed like forever waiting on the results, her doctor called Beverly in a week ago, confirming that she has lymphoma.

“Tears were my immediate response. Now I’m getting myself ready for the fight of my life. Thank the Lord I have good friends and employees to help me.” Beverly said.

Besides starting to prepare her ranch employees for her absences, she has also been researching other methods of treatment. Beverly’s research into cancer treatments has her wondering if she should become a person who consumes cannabis.

“I smoked pot a little in college, but I’ve been so busy with the ranch that I have never given marijuana a thought,” said Beverly.

Beverly began reading articles and seeing videos of people having cannabis oil treatments. To Beverly, the treatments seem to have been successful.

Beverly says, “One of the most intriguing part of these treatments is that there are no side effects. Chemo and radiation can have really harsh side effects. I almost rather use the oil treatments, not get high and have a higher chance of survival.”

The probability of killing cancer cells with cannabis treatment is significantly higher than with the normal cancer treatments. Beverly discovered four actual scientific studies (Higher Perspectives: There Are Now 100 Scientific Studies That Prove Cannabis Kills Cancer) that prove CBD and THC reduce or inhibit growth of cancer cells in lymphoma cancers.

With all the information she has gathered, Beverly decided to become a cannabis treated cancer patient. It may take traveling and finding a doctor on the west coast. New York just approved medical marijuana in 2014 and she is having trouble finding a competently trained doctor in her home state.


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