Microsoft Getting in on Marijuana Industry?


When Washington asked its population if they wanted legal marijuana, Bill Gates voted yes. The people of the state agreed with him, and the rest is history. However, with some form of marijuana being legal in over 20 states now, Microsoft has decided it’s going to step into the industry to provide serious service for marijuana-based businesses. And, according to Yahoo! Finance, it could be a serious game changer.

Software and Business Support Like No Other

The challenge facing many marijuana businesses is that they can’t get the same kind of support less controversial businesses do. Legal marijuana is a huge business, but there’s the dangling Sword of Damocles that says the federal government might swoop down and start charging people who have been participating in the industry at any moment. That hasn’t happened yet, but it hasn’t made finding support any easier.

Which is where Microsoft comes into the picture. The technology giant has formed its first marijuana-related partnership, coming together with Kind Financial, which makes technology tools for cannabis businesses. These tools allow users to track their plants from seeds to sales, and it will also maintain an updated list of laws so that business owners can be sure they don’t inadvertently break the law.

Just how far Microsoft will go in terms of getting involved with the cannabis industry remains to be seen, but as first steps go this partnership is a bold move. It’s clear that the tech giant sees opportunity, and isn’t going to wait until the federal government red stamps something the states have already declared is legal. While it’s impossible to say if this is going to push things toward full legalization, it is definitely going to make doing business a lot easier for cannabis dealers out there right now.


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