Moms Who Consume Cannabis: One Woman’s Story


Taking a hit at the end of the day is becoming the new normal – and for one woman, it brought her and her family back to normal.

When one hears about moms who consume cannabis, they may envision chip bags, junk food, smoke clouds, sweat pants, clutter, disorganization, laziness and children in need of parenting, this isn’t always the case.

I am among many mothers that use cannabis in my daily life. I have helped in the raising of many children and have two of my own. My house isn’t full of clutter, no junk food here either, strictly organic, my children are healthy and happy, I partake in school functions and meetings, attend other social activities, and most of all, I am here for them. If I had taken a different path a few years ago, I may not be here for my family.

Cannabis saved this mom’s life and has positively changed the lives of my children forever. I used to think that having a beer or a drink was the acceptable way to wind down, ease the pain, enjoy the end of the week, only because it’s what was socially acceptable. So, I spent many years this way, killing myself slowly in front of my family and getting worse in time. I was making poor choices, was sick and  becoming unavailable,  these things were becoming unavoidable.

Like many other moms that choose cannabis, I hid my use at first. I would wait until all my kids went to bed and was all alone. I would sit in my easy chair, with my feet up and smoke a couple tokes from a little glass pipe from a shop up the street and I would get a feeling of calm that would flow through my brain and into my body.

The high didn’t come like a rush of sorts, it was more like a warm hug that made me want to shut my eyes and get some much-needed rest. Low and behold, I woke up feeling refreshed the next day and so it began. I started drinking less and less, lost over ninety pounds, starting making better food choices for my whole family and began to really pay attention to the bigger picture.

As the years went by and my cannabis use grew, our lives around our home changed for the better. Mom was home, Mom was calm, Mom was laughing, Mom was creative with play and could be pretty creative with discipline – Mom was Mom, and fully functional at that.

I was diagnosed with Spinal Degeneration and Cervical Spinal Stenosis and then had to dance the painkiller, prescription pill shuffle. After reading all the side effects to these pills and realizing the possible effects more than outweigh my diagnosis, I refused all forms of pill treatment and jumped deeper into natural alternatives. My findings led me to other forms of consuming cannabis for my healing, health, and pain management. I began to ingest the plant itself, by making capsules, tinctures and used salves to deal with immediate topical pain.

Some may think, wow how does she function doing all of this? Yes, I smoke, eat and use some form of cannabis topically and still go about my life, like a “normal, productive citizen of society” raising my children, being married, having a social life and I have never been happier or healthier. Let us not forget, it was not a fast path or a smooth path to get here, but it is an enjoyable one, once I cleaned up the trail to suit my needs and learned of my surroundings and how it affects me and my family. I have since learned the differences between cannabis strains, types of cannabis, their effects and what types to avoid for my lifestyle, in my home.

Parenting is tough, no matter how you look at it and moms get worn out, we get tired, we need to reboot and get ourselves together, so we can hold everyone else, when they are falling apart. We shouldn’t feel ashamed or have to hide that we choose cannabis as a safer alternative to get our smile back, to catch our breath, to ease our pain, to slow the moment down in time, to enjoy and to relax at the end of the day.

We can only hope that the legalization and the stigma continues to change across the world and more people look into the benefits of cannabis use, rather that what we have been told.  I can only hope for a world that allows us to be free to make better choices for ourselves and in turn, those choices will rejoice in our children. Our children will grow to make wiser choices and maybe, just maybe, the world will be a healthier, happier place.

I am part of the growing “new normal” – and maybe one day it’ll be okay to say “High Mom.”


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