Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety


If you suffer from severe anxiety, medical cannabis is often a great all-natural treatment. However, you need to make sure you get the right strain. Here are four of the most popular and effect cannabis strains for relaxation.

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Blue Dream

Few strains of marijuana look as gorgeous as Blue Dream. It has a nice rich green look with thick orange hairs, a sweet smell, and a minty taste. Anxiety holds no chance against this strain. It is also great for promoting creativity and engaging thought processes.

Incredible Hulk

This Sativa strain can be identified by its light green color, which is peppered with bright orange hairs and a fruity lemon smell. It creates what is known as a “head high,” which creates a calm state of mind and a more focused sense of purpose. It is very potent, so make sure to avoid smoking too much all at once.

Deaf Man’s Kush

If you find most strains of marijuana too bitter or potent in taste, Deaf Man’s Kush is a good alternative. It has a bland taste with a light aftertaste that has a bit of a sweet pine smell. Perfect for meditation and promoting peace, it is very popular with music fans.

Strawberry Cough

If you like a pungent marijuana with mild effects and a sweet taste, Strawberry Cough if your best bet. It creates a relaxed and chilled mental state that is perfect for anxiety and giving you a relaxing high. In low doses, it is great for social highs.

Anyone of these strains of medical cannabis are perfect for relaxing your serious anxiety concerns.


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