Can Marijuana Enhance Athletic Performance?


When you think of a regular marijuana user, what do you picture? Probably someone sitting at home on the couch, watching a juvenile stoner comedy and eating snack chips.

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While that certainly happens, Business Insider has been covering some of the more unexpected aspects of marijuana use. Specifically that, when used in small, controlled doses, marijuana just might be a drug that enhances athletic performance.

Positive Effects of Weed: Better Times, and Less Soreness?

It sounds ridiculous. After all, when you get high the last thing you want to do is hop on a mountain bike, or go lift weights. Activities that require coordination, and lightning fast reflexes just aren’t on the docket.

That’s true, for people cultivating a full-on high, but a small dose of marijuana can have some interesting effects on people getting ready to do something athletic. For example, it can reduce stress and anxiety, allowing an athlete to focus on the task at hand without any of the other worries that might accompany a performance, otherwise. When combined with muscle memory that athletes develop, this can lead to serious benefits as the body is allowed to take over without interference from fear, hesitation, etc.

Marijuana, when used in small, controlled instances, can also lead to increased airflow to the lungs, and decreased soreness and pain after strenuous activity. In short, it really can provide an advantage to someone who uses it just before trying to set a new time, or beat a record. Assuming, of course, that it isn’t used to excess.


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