Marijuana and Yoga: Amazing Pairing or Just Hype?


A whole new world of marijuana use has popped up around the ancient art of yoga. New classes have paired the use of marijuana with yoga exercises, believing that the two exercises compliment each other. But is marijuana and yoga really all that it is cracked up to be?

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Let’s start by clearing up some misconceptions about both yoga and marijuana. Yoga is not some flaky type of new age exercise: it is a physically and emotionally demanding exercise that requires a lot of concentration.

That’s what makes it such an effective meditative mind tool for many people: slow, steady breathing helps eliminate the strain of the exercise and clears the mind in a freeing and relaxing manner. Done properly, it can even help people fight through emotional difficulties and spiritual growth.

The intriguing thing is that many regular marijuana users claim that it has the exact same relaxation effects. Pairing it up with yoga seems like a pretty natural decision: especially if both activities are done properly.

If you’re new to yoga, try out some simple, but relaxing, yoga poses after ingesting some marijuana. And if you’re also new to marijuana use, try a vaporizer. These are a much gentler and, potentially, even safer way to smoke marijuana. Take no more than a few puffs and wait about 10-15 minutes for the THC to take full effect.

You should start feeling very relaxed, calm, and at peace with the world. Now, perform your yoga exercises. There’s a good chance the motions will feel incredibly smooth and relaxing. This is perfect: it means your yoga and marijuana experience is going just right.


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