NFL Players Call to End Outlaw of Marijuana in Pro Football


NFL players are injured on a regular basis, and yet the NFL still outlaws marijuana, the pain reliever of choice for many pro football players.

The NFL might provide us with the games we want to see, but as time has gone on the public has seen some of the dark, terrible things that happen behind the curtain. Between the ongoing concussion scandals and the mishandling of domestic violence cases, there have also been more stories about players being pushed past their limits, stuffed with addictive pain killers to keep them playing through injuries.

That last black mark is one of the worst ones for former players to cope with, because those injuries are often something they carry for life. Worse, though, the addictive opioids they’re given with no question while they’re on the field aren’t something they can always continue to take once they’ve retired. Which is why so many former NFL players are calling for an end to the separation of marijuana and professional sports, according to The Fix.

Kill The Pain, Without The Addiction

While more than 20 players were suspended for drug use in 2015, with marijuana tests being the most common, other players have said that the use of marijuana in the NFL is widespread. Some players estimated use is as common as 50 percent of players, and all for the same reason.

Marijuana is viewed as a safe, non-addictive way to treat their pain while they heal, and get ready to get back to the game. There are fewer side effects, and less of a drain on their bodies… or at least that’s the general consensus among players whose recovery routines include marijuana.

The question we’re all facing is, why insist on using something players clearly don’t want when there’s an alternative? Especially when that alternative is legal in a growing number of places, considering that states with medical marijuana laws are far more numerous than states with recreational legalization. If marijuana helps players recuperate better than injections and pain pills, and it’s a perfectly legal solution in many places, then why should they be punished for using it?


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